Can’t Prove a Negative? Think Again.

•  I am a spiritual person in that I think we are all connected with the Universe, and that Nature is worth working together for. But I do not believe the Universe has any influence on good or bad. This said, on the point above, I can only be agnostic. It’s in the realm of gut feeling… nothing more.

HOWEVER, to the eternal old argument that us atheists cannot PROVE there is no god — my answer depends on what we mean by “God”:

1) If you are talking about an intelligent god-like intelligent force out there — true, I cannot prove the negative.

2) If you are talking about any man-made folkloric “gods” of our different cultures, like the Christian God, then yes! — I CAN prove beyond any reasonable doubt that He does NOT exist!


There are 3 ways to dismiss this god alleged to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent:

A) His character has all the flaws of man: Jealousy, vengeance, elitist, sectarian, prone to ethnic-cleansing/genocide, has regrets, an inflated ego and need for adulation, unforgiving unless blood is shed, and more… NOTHING of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God.

B) The book God is credited to have inspired; the Bible ONLY represents the knowledge and ignorance of the time:
Earth is the center of the solar system; God creates vegetation before the sun; flat earth (no hint of it being spherical); Epilepsy is thought demon possession; Killing two birds and smearing the blood on the walls of a house will cure leprosy; man is only 6,000 years old and ruined all life because of listening to a talking snake. No mention of Natural Selection (not even so-called microevolution), electricity… and more!
It is supposed to be a prophetic book, yet makes no hints on the age of technology, nor the uniting of the whole world thru the internet. Not ONE hint!

C) Given that the only reason the concept of God exists in our collective minds is because it originates from scriptures like the Bible, a self-crediting and flawed collection of books — there is no logic nor evidence to claim the main character as real.

There you go. All we have left are rationalizations.
GOD (as we typically understand it) DOES NOT EXIST.

Not only is there no evidence for him — there is evidence AGAINST him.

I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.


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4 thoughts on “Can’t Prove a Negative? Think Again.

  1. “If you are talking about any man-made folkloric ‘gods’ of our different cultures, like the Christian God, then yes! — I CAN prove beyond any reasonable doubt that He does NOT exist!”

    Agreed. Thank you. Many times when the subject of disproving God comes up, theists, namely Christians, conveniently forget about the fact that the “God” they worship and defend possesses specific character attributes, unlike an unknowable, generic “God” of some sort. Well, if those character attributes are mutually incompatible..e.g…”omniscient” and “omnipotent”, then, yes, we can say that this “God” has in fact been disproved to exist.

  2. True — atheism only exists because at one point in time, some have created these god characters to either fill in for their ignorance, or to exercise power over the masses thru fear.

    I wouldn’t have to be an atheist if these beliefs from ignorance were not still prominent and influential today.

    Not so long ago we were fighting slavery. Why? Because some greedy humans invented this horror. There would not have been an anti-slavery movement had it not been invented.

    That is the level we atheist are still fighting against.
    Plain man-made hooey!!!

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