Simple Truth

What is Truth?
Is it mine or is it yours?
Is it ours or is it theirs?
Does it belong to Reality?

Does Truth fall victim to vantage points?
Assassinated by perspectives from single angles?
Or is truth the same regardless,
Ignorant of our chosen positions?

Has it been carved in solid stone, or,
In olden rocks of porous understanding?
Does it survive the test of time,
Or does time survive the test of Truth?

Does Truth fear new evidence?
Does Truth fear examination?
We all know it does not,
As Truth is Master of Enquiry.

Empirical yet transparent at times,
It hides itself from biased minds,
Reveals itself to open minds,
And has no pity for the unbending ones.

Yet some have sealed their truth
Like over-sweetened confiture
When only little left at the bottom of the jar,
Compelled to spread it more and thinner.

The worse enemy of Truth must be
The gods of willful ignorance,
Forbidding fruit from Trees of Knowledge
To inquisitive children, hungry to know.

Truth will always become evident,
Behind decrepit walls of demonized examination,
Thru the debris of self-righteous disdain,
Below the muck of ersatz virtues.

It was wisely said so long ago,
“The Truth shall set you free.”
When the shackles of human folklore,
Shall have no hold on our Quest to Know.

So what is Truth?
Is it mine or is it yours?
Is it ours or is it theirs?
Neither — it belongs to Reality.

~ Vincent Deporter

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4 thoughts on “Simple Truth

  1. Holy crap! I just looked at your bio. You work for DC and for Spongebob!?? How cool is that?! Do you have any art online to view?

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