In my opinion — and I’m not alone — Faith is just another word for Credulity.

The dictionaries roughly describe credulity as follows:
Credulity is a state of willingness to believe in one or many people or things in the absence of reasonable proof or knowledge.
Credulity is not simply belief in something that may be false. The subject of the belief may even be correct, but a credulous person will believe it without good evidence.

Belief is a product of historical environment, parental tradition, and/or a personal security blanket we choose instead of facing reality. I know, I was the result of all the above myself.

Problem is, humanity will never move forward if it keeps holding on to these delusions.
All one has to do is honest homework with an open mind.

The bliss of Reality is far more rewarding — and it gives us the satisfaction of freeing ourselves from the discomfort of our cognitive dissonance.
That dissonance is crippling humanity and kills true progress.

— Just imagine what our hospitals would be like if we left science for 2- 4,000 year old practices (supposedly inspired a the Creator who knows all).
— Just imagine what our morals would be today if we still accepted genocide, slavery, and stoning to name a few.
— Just imagine what our society would be like if one religion was imposed on all nations — or death/hell as the alternative.

Maybe this is why Atheism is finally saving most thinking people from age-old superstitions.

Faith is only as good as it’s test thru time.
I will leave those waiting for Jesus’ “imminent coming”, that has been stalling two thousand years already.
Get a hint people! He is more than fashionably late!
He isn’t coming, because he was never a god.

Embrace reality.


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