The Art of Rationalizing Creation

From the first chapter of the first book if the Bible, the Creation account sadly exposes the ignorance of the time.
A time where the scientific method was not yet born.

For example, the creative days are related in scientific disorder.
The third day God creates the vegetation, and only on the forth does he create the sun, moon, and stars.
Of course, photosynthesis was ignored at the time, making this tale of creation obsolete once science wrapped it’s head around understanding reality.

But you know creationists — they WILL rationalize to make Cinderella’s slipper fit, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Here is an answer I received from an old earth creationist:

The Hebrew word rendered “make” in verse Genesis 1:16 (4th day) is not the same as the word for “create” used in Genesis chapter 1, verses 1, 21, and 27. “The heavens” that included the luminaries, sun, moon, stars were created long before the “first day” even began. But their light did not reach the surface of the earth. However, on the first day, “there came to be light” because DIFFUSED light penetrated the cloud layers and became visible on the earth, perhaps a mixture of water vapor, other gases, and volcanic dust must have prevented sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth, another words, The SOURCES of that light still remained invisible FROM THE EARTH.

Now if this was the case, the fourth day would not have been a “creative day” now would it? Logical.
It would just have been a progression of the first day…

I will pass on the rationalizing dance that followed, as if God was not clear enough in his proverbial “inspired word”. The intellectual gymnastics needed to circumvent the clear order of creative days in the bible really shows bad faith at it’s worse.

The person I had debated this said “We have to analyze the original language, grammar, meaning and parts of speech when interpreting it.”
Yes… Clearly, he doesn’t trust the clarity of scripture only when it is convenient.

I have more to say on Genesis chapter One…

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One thought on “The Art of Rationalizing Creation

  1. Religious faith is the debris cloud preventing the light of scientific evidence from penetrating the minds of most. I acknowledge a higher power, however I do so with the realization that I will never know the definitive answers to lifes biggest questions. Is there a God of the bible? I think not. I was a student of the bible for most of my life. I also questioned the logic for most of my life. I chose to open my eyes and see through the thick cloud of blind faith.

    At this stage of my life, I consider myself a child of the stars, a creation of nature and the universe. In accepting this, I know a peace of mind like no other.

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